How to overcome challenges

Why on earth do we accept challenges like #ONL161? As all the information about the course says (and the facilitators mentioned) lot of the work this first weeks are about become familiar with all the different web spaces. If you for example never been on Twitter or never have had a Skype conversation this is some rough and tough weeks. But of course even some weeks of joy and new experiences. So far I have a feeling of being in my comfort zon. The new surfaces like Google drive and WordPress gives me “the correct dose” of challenges.

Next week we´re entering the first online problem-based learning case to solve. That´s a whole new experience and a challenge for me so now I´m entering unknown territory. I guess a positive attitude will help and a bit of stubbornness.

Illustration/Comic: Mind explorer by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Already learning

Yep, so today I´ve learned that it is not OK to use a photo without permission. Well, actually I knew that but I thought that if I attributed to the website where I found the photo I was being a “good girl”. Nope, that´s not good enough. I´ve just created an account on  Flickr and look what I found! See if I done the contribution right this time? Have I?

Photo: Joy by David Hilgart (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Entering the ONL161 course

Yeah! So here I am – finally participating in the #ONL161 course, PBL group 7. I´ve been following the course since the beginning (always wanting to participate) but challenges in life made it impossible. Now is the right time and I am on the edge of being overexcited. Yes, my expectations are high and  I hope to be inspired by my group members as well as the whole #ONL161 crowd. My fear is that I don´t manage to find time for the learning activities. Anyhow, I will do my best!


Guinea pigs

OK, so I admit, this has nothing to do with webbased learning, but I want you to know that I have a crush on guinea pigs. Actually the guinea pigs belong to the children but I love them to death! (Both children and guinea pigs…)


Nowadays you have to make a choice. You´re expected to know what you want and you´re supposed to know what you stands for. I don´t know! All these choices makes me confused. What adress to choose, which theme to prefer. Don´t want to be too girlish (after all I´m over 40) and I certainly don’t want my blogg to look flat as a pancake. I wanna be modern, smart and on the edge… but I´m NOT. This is me – onlannica who chose the theme Revelar (actually I wanted to go for the Moka theme but I was too stingy).


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