Two-edged sword

This week I´ve decided to write about my own experiences of flexible learning. Since I´m new at work as a lecture at Malmö University most of my preferences are from the students point of view. I guess I am a typical non-traditional student (Jones & Walters, 2015). I work full-time, I´m a daughter, a wife... Continue Reading →

The fledglings thoughts

If I´m doing this "Digital me-thing" I´m gonna do it to 100%. I´ve just made an investment in a 1 year domain address and I think I found me a name that describes my feeling - The thoughts of a fledgling. Ready or not hear I come... Photo: Fledgling by USFWSmidwest (CC BY 2.0)


In our PBL group, we have discussed about collaboration and if there are any differences between collaboration in digital environments and collaboration face-to-face. The only actual thing that differ is the lost of body languages in some digital environments. Apart from that I can´t come up with much... or maybe also the thing with asynchronous communication.... Continue Reading →

Digital me

Who am I? I´m not sure if I have the answer to that question. For me it is something ambiguous over the possibilities to be whoever I want to be. And who do I want to be? Am I going for the real thing or the fake one? Am I a trickster if I chose not to be... Continue Reading →

Dead easy

So we made it! Group 7´s digital meet this evening was nearly crowded. After trying Adobe connect twice we decided to test Skype and if you ask me it was a small success. Finally we could hear Jennifer's lovely voice (no longer Darth Waderish) and see Nour´s beautiful face. I can´t  help comparing us adults competence... Continue Reading →

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