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Who am I? I´m not sure if I have the answer to that question. For me it is something ambiguous over the possibilities to be whoever I want to be. And who do I want to be? Am I going for the real thing or the fake one? Am I a trickster if I chose not to be perfectly honest of who I am? The AIM of different accounts in social media determines. This account is professional and today I have learned about “the Grandma rule” in Charlotta Hillis blog post, so I think I stick and aim for the real thing.

Usually, right now I am more often then not, a visitor on the web. I would like to engage more and I wish that I was able to contribute in a greater extent. White & Le Cornu (2011) argues that establishment affects online presence and behavior. I agree! Most of my collegues don’t blog, they’re not on Twitter in a professional purpose and then I don’t. Is it a cultural context thing?  Does it depend on which expectations your surroundings have on you? At the same time, someone have to take the lead and start, right?

When reading about digital literacy I understand that this is a question of a development process. At the first stages in the process you are learning functional skills about access and digital tools. Further on you achieve higher skills and capabilities to use in the digital context. Beetham & Sharpe (2010) has presented a framework of the process where I think that I´ve nearly made it to the top… I stumbled at the finish line. I have access and awareness, I have the skills and I do practice it… but who am I? What is my identity?

I hope that this course will help me to find out a little more about the “digital me”.

Developing digital literacies (2014) JISC guide.
White, D. & Le Cornu, A. (2011) Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagement. First Monday, 16(9).

Photo: Fairy flower queen by June Yarham (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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  1. Maybe the digital you is different, but not necessarily fake, from the “you” that resides in the physical world? 🙂


  2. Totally agree with chilli2012/Charlotta; your digital identity may be different to who you are in the physical world, but then again, maybe it’s just you, but altered for the context; like we are a slightly different person when we are out at a dinner party at a restaurant compared to when we are in Church for example; we are always the same person, but our different personas come out to suit different places….


    1. Hi KayO! I agree with you and Charlotta. We have different sides in our personalities that we can choose to show or hide due to the context and the aim. It´s just that I can´t help myself feeling tempted to be someone else just becaurse I have the possibility. But we´ve discussed it in our PBL group last night and I think that I can live with the “truth” that my blogging is my own personal reflection. I think that I will do the blogging for my self being just the way I am!

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  3. Hello Annica! Great fun to read your reflections. And I definitely think it´s good enough to just blog as a personal reflection. I think you´re doing really good and that you can relax and just be yourself! For me it has been a challenge to just try to express my thoughts in writing that can be seen and commented, to write in English and to “just do it! without trying to make it “perfect!.
    See you in a couple of weeks for lunch 🙂


    1. Hi Jessica! Isn´t it a great relief – to have fun with it and the only thing we have to remember is “the grandma rule”. Long for sunny lunch outside in good company!


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