Right at the beginning, when I investigated more about open educational practices I came to think of an amoeba. A small and primitive microscopic organism who is single-celled. However the simplicity in this little unicellular organism which may alter its shape as required amaze me due to its flexible and adaptable nature.

Weller and Anderson (2013) is writing about the opportunities and challenges that has occurred in conjunction with the digital revolution. One challenge for higher education and institutions is to have the ability to adapt to digital challenges. The article made me aware of the term “resilience” – how important it is to be elastic and distensible. When reading about different systems capacity to absorb disturbance and to reorganize while undergoing changes I´m back on the amoeba track. How extraordinary for a primitive single-celled organism to adapt to circumstances necessary for its survival. Could we be inspired of this simplicity when accepting the challenge of openness?


Weller, M., & Anderson, T. (2013). Digital resilience in higher education.European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, 16(1), 53.

Photo: Amoeba ATC by Tim Ereneta (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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  1. Love the analogy!

    Another analogy a to natural systems could be how systems change. They rarely change in a smooth traditional way. Rather small things can kick of a new paradigm.

    Online learning could be the next big leap forward 😉

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    1. Hi Marcus! Sorry for not responding to your comment. It´s been hectic! For all of us I guess – but thank you! What if this is a new paradigm? But maybe as you write – it is too streamline right at the moment… Time will tell!


    1. Hi KayO! As I just wrote to Marcus, sorry for not having respond to your comment. I really really appreciate it 🙂 Often I think we tend to overdo things and I think that we have to embrace the simplicity.


  2. I agree with Marcus, great analogy! 🙂 Flexibility demands more of us and the resilience and adaptability isn’t necessarily easy. We are so grounded in what we know and how things have been done before, so a whole new design makes some of us uncomfortable, others are thrilled by it. 🙂


  3. Hi Chilligirl! I am sooo late to respond to this comment – I´m sorry and thank you! As time goes by systems are getting more and more complicated. It takes more and more time to overcome them (almost like conquering them). Actually, I don´t know much about amoebas but the thought of simplicity aroused my curiosity.


  4. Brilliant analogy! Wow, a very powerful blog. Short and sweet but packed with impact …. and critical thinking. Human nature is to resist change and therefore for most, they are slow to adapt. The reality however is that change is inevitable and that it is to your benefit to adapt and not be resilient …. to much 🙂

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    1. Inevitable is the Word of the Day! By doing a little bit of research about topic and situations that scarce you I believe that we can adapt changes with some grace and dignity 😉


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