Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

Like the three musketeers – one for all, all for one – we teachers can choose to stand together united and strong. I´m thinking of openness and sharing. What if we could share and how do we do it? We have discussed this in my PBL group at the ONL161 course. Our prominent facilitator Alastair Creelman told us about an exclusive fellowship for teachers. The leaders had made a clear and strategic decision about openness. Inclusion into the fellowship was equal to prestige and money. Membership required digital literacy, open to openness and a portfolio of resources shared with Creative Commons.

I talked to the professor at my faculty and YES we do have a policy to “go digital” but as I see it we have a long way to go. It is exciting, isn´t it? The future is ahead of us and we can create it together. I will hereby declare to work for more openness and I will try to be a good example for my colleagues. I have started by contacting a colleges at another institution who is teaching the same topic as I am. We will meet in a couple of weeks and talk about how we can collaborate. Luckily both of us can see benefits by working together. To be continued…

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  1. Open to openness, I like that. 🙂 Sounds good that there is a digital policy, I find it strange that there are still so many questions about how universities should become more digital. I guess most people working there are digital immigrants and it will take a long time for researchers to convince them that for example open access is actually worthwhile.

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  2. Thanks for sharing an interesting post and declaration Annica! I also can see a lot of potential in open access policy but I also see why the change to “go digital” takes time. A change brings always along some resistance, for good and bad. It slows down the process, but can also help to lift up some constructive critical points. And yes,there are a lot “digital immigrants” working in institutions, and to change both the attitude and ability to go digital takes time, efforts and also resources. For example having an education developer who can help with digital tools, or just a help desk is a start…:)


    1. Hi! You are so right. It is true that time in a process gives the possability for reflection. Sometimes time slow things down in a negative way. If the aim is defined and clear it might help the process in the right direction.


  3. Thanks for the inspiring blog, Annica! Great to see that you will explore this through cooperating directly with a colleague as a consequence of perspectives you have gained through this course.


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