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Twice a year I am teaching nursing student about how to administrate and handle central venous catheters. One of the learning outcomes is that the students are expected to reflect over risks and how to avoid them. As a motivation factor I will try to add some gamification elements for next term. I have designed different learning activities and everyone of them represent some sort of badge. I´m not sure of that it has to be digital but that would of course be most exclusive. I have to think about how to solve it. Nevertheless, when achieving a task the student earns a badge: recorded lecturer, group discussion, practical skill training (including several skills which merit a badge each), reflection on a dilemma, digital assessment. I am really looking forward to this – let´s level up!

Photo: Medals by Shane (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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    1. Hi! Yes, I think maybe that the badges can add up as a motivation factor. I don´t know yet – but I will try to give it a go and then evaluate it. What do you think? Can badges stimulate students?


  1. Students always seem to want something in return and will often not do something if there is no reward. Even something as simple as a digital badge seems to bring gratification. We promote our MOOCs with our students and they will earn themselves a badge for every course they complete. We also advocate that they should include this in their CVs as this shows to the future employer that they have taken responsibility above and beyond what is required of them and acquired additional skills. I am pretty sure your idea is going to work, good luck 🙂


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