All good things (must) come to an end

First of all I would like to praise Cambridge Dictionaries Online and Google translate for an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Second, I would like to embrace all my group members for being such good friends throughout the whole course period and for making me feel comfortable and safe trying to speak and write in English. In ten fantastic couple of weeks I think I have went from crappy English to good enough English. Thank you PBL group 7!

Yep, so ONL161 has come to an end. It has been an enjoyable experience and some extremely intense weeks. I have loved every second about them but some days I have felt like a violin string due to stress. Just as excited like I was at the beginning of the course just as exhausted I am now at the end. Gosh, I have learned a lot!

I am home from work at 17.30-18. Then it is time to make dinner for the family and homework’s with the kids. Left of the evening is 1,5-2 hours. Twice a week we have had Skype meetings including work before and after. Furthermore, one or two evenings desperately trying to read the suggested articles/videos ect. At weekends trying to catch up what has been missing from last week… The course is far more time consuming then I even could imagine. With that said – the whole course is far more of everything then I could ever imagine!

I have learned to be social in a digital context, both in our great BIG community as well as in our small PBL community. I have made friends with – Beautiful and inspiring smart – Nour from Sudan, Marc – The gentleman – from South Africa, always  – Friendly Darth Wader – Jennifer and – The unforgettable Scottish – Mr Creelman.

I have started my own first blog – The fledglings thoughts – and I think that I have found my way of writing blog post just the way I am (the digital me). I have been practicing my critical thinking by commenting on others excellent blog posts. Learning about openness and sharing. I have participated in inspiring and thoughtful discussions in our PBL group.

There are so many thing that I take with me from this course. One thing that comes into my mind is the positive and sharing atmosphere that has been significant throughout the whole course. I will miss it! Last but not least I would like to thank the ONL-team for designing and facilitating best course ever.

Illustration: Kvinna i färg by Maja Larsson at


7 thoughts on “All good things (must) come to an end

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  1. So interesting to read your conclusive remarks on the course. They describe the very interesting spectra of challenges and possibilities for an online course, I think. Making it work out with the rest of life and responsibilities, and co-operating with people with the same interests from other parts of the world (or of Sweden), which one would not work together with otherwise.!


  2. Hello Annica Rosvall.
    Thanks for reading you blog about the course. I find myself in your word, a journey full of work and a lot of reading. But the trip we done I would not have been out.
    Have a great day, Mikael PBL8


  3. Thank you for a well written reflection on you experience of the course. And I am sure that you wrote this without using Google Translate. Interesting that a common feeling in our group too was that the time is very limited. We all felt that especially towards the end that more than a week was needed to complete the various activities. I can sense that you also enjoyed the various group members as I have mine, each with their own personalities and mannerisms.


  4. It has been a very full on experience, but I am beginning to think that it is only when we think we cannot do any more that our best learning happens! Thank you for persevering with the English, as I have enjoyed reading your posts and learning with you, and I cannot speak any Swedish at all :). All the best from sunny Brisbane Australia 🙂


    1. Hi KayO! One good thing to know in Swedish i “köttbullar” =meatballs 😉 That must be the next course we all sign up for! I have to say that I´m overwhelmed by all positive feedback and support we have been given each other. This is a really nice way to encounter other humans, isn´t it?! You have been a star in many ways – don´t let go of that! I will be following “the digital you” even after this course.


      1. Thank you so much!! and thank you also for the kotbullar tip – hope one day I get to try them; yum!!! Yes, let’s stay in touch digitally, it’s great to meet so many wonderful people online 🙂


  5. Hello Annica! Thanks for sharing, you really shared your inspiration and enthusiasm about the course! I can easily identify with your description of tight timetables and even how the course, despite of lack of time and a huge intensity, has been rewarding- both when it comes to content and social atmosphere, and starting to find the way to be online:)


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