Holding breath

You think you have the right answer and suddenly it´s like you don´t. How could you be so wrong? Did you miss a vital piece of information? Maybe, just maybe the movement that you thought you knew is changing direction and your not sure if everyone will follow or not.

In response to the U.S Justice Department, Berkley, The University of California will make their content (tens of thousands of podcasts and video lectures) unavailable for public access. Causes that are named in the article from Inside Higher Ed are protection from pirates and economical issues with limited resources.

I have the felling of going backwards, but I could be wrong. I just thought… after all, maybe the path wasn´t as established as I thought it was. It´s like holding my breath. Waiting and see what the future will bring.

Photo: Holding Breath by Johanes Randy Prakoso (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

2 thoughts on “Holding breath

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  1. Hi Annica, are you using now a lot of free content of Berkley Univ?
    As an entrepreneur I always was interested in the way providers of open content get their return on investments… The named causes seems a little bit simple…
    Succes Annika! CU online Francisca

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    1. Hi Francisca! Sorry for being late to answer your comment. I don´t use anything from Berkley but until now I have always thought… “Good enough” and that I share what I have – “take it or leave it”… kind off… But now I realise that it´s probably not enough. I have to think of the accessibility if I would like to share my content… and that makes it a little bit more time consuming for me and maybe… maybe… in the end I don´t have that time so… maybe I choose not to share 😦 But NO I don´t want to be like that. I have to find the time and learn how to do my content more up to date so it´s accessible.

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