Today’s lesson

Today I´ve learned about quality improvement in health care. It all started with the desire to answer the questions: What is patient satisfaction and why does it matters? One thing led to another and as I started my search I went back in time, way back to 1966, where I met Avedis Donabedian (1919-2000). Apparently, he is the father of the leading paradigm quality framework, which I am quite familiar with. The framework who describes the dimensions of care in; structure, process and outcome. The structure is described as the staff, the access and the equipment, while the process is the action, for example diagnosis and treatment. Finally, the outcome reports about the result, which can be both objective or subjective, as well as individual or group wise. Donabedian advise researchers to use the question -What goes on here?  rather then -What is wrong and how can we do better? I think that can be a great suggestion and a healthy reminder to take into account when I design my research questions. Also inspired by David Feinberg and his UCTV-talk about patient experience where he simply asked patients at the UCLA hospital using the question -How is the care? I believe that an open mind and a spirit of inquiry must be the best approach to explore the endoscopic care process and the patients experiences of it.

Donabedian A (2005) Evaluating the Quality of Medical Care. The Milbank Quarterly, 83 (4), 691–729. Milbank Memorial Fund, Blackwell Publishing.

Feinberg D (2012) Quality Improvement and Healthcare Reform: Patient Experience with David Feinberg. University of California Television(UCTV). 

Photo: Pixabay

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