Six dimensions

According to the report “Crossing the quality chasm” from 2001, there are six dimensions of quality. These dimensions represent characteristics of how health care should be and what areas to focus on when improving it.

  • Safe – make no harm
  • Effective – evidence-based care
  • Patient-centered – individual responsive and respectful care
  • Timely – access and system responsiveness
  • Efficient – cost effectiveness
  • Equitable – same quality to everyone

I think that Jessica Uriarte makes the six dimensions understandable in her excellent video.

In the video Jessica talks about how to honor the patients´experiences and that all care must be align with their goals and values. Not unexpectedly that is in line with what the report Crossing the Quality Chasm has declared:

“Patient-centered encompasses qualities of compassion, empathy,
and responsiveness to the needs, values, and expressed preferences of the
individual patient.”

Health care should focus on adapted care that is flexible and aware of the specific needs of individuals to provide patient-centeredness.

Quality improvement is a process of continually evaluating clinical practices using patient outcomes as the basis of evaluation. Berwick (2002) argues for patients’ outcomes as the fundamental source of defining quality. By ignoring the patients´experiences and perceptions we could end up with a care that is inhuman, out of compassion and empathy. Instead we should honor the patients´ needs and take their goals and values into account when striving towards high-quality care.

I believe that the core in my forthcoming research will be to highlight the patients perspective. To put it in a nutshell, it seems to be impossible to conduct high-quality endoscopic procedures without taking the patients´ experiences into account.

Berwick D (2002) A User’s Manual for the IOM’s Quality Chasm Report. Health Aff (Millwood), 21(3), 80-90.

Institute of Medicine (2001) Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the Twenty-first Century. Washington, National Academy Press.

Uriarte J (2015) 6 dimensions of Healthcare Quality


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