Treated like a Queen

Finally, I’m here… here in Leicester. I’ve been preparing for this approximately 1,5 year. Constantly, I have to pinch my arm and tell myself that this is actually happening. Today is the first course day for me at the University of Leicester. I will be studying “Quality and Quality Improvement in Healthcare” this autumn. The course is given during six occasions so I will be flying back and forth between Sweden and the UK. Coming from Gretas country there is a bit of a climate shame going on here, but I prefer not to talk about it…

I arrived yesterday and so far I can say that I’ve been treated like a Queen. The Brits are extremely polite and, to be honest, it’s not only the Brits, it also all the other fellow students from Asia. So, here’s a list of benefits of being a middle-aged, grey-haired woman in the UK.

  • They let me go first into the elevator
  • They listen when you speak (even if it’s in poor English)
  • They don’t sighs out loud when you’re in their way (typically keeping to the right in stairways)
  • They call you “love” and “darling” (that is a good thing, right?)
  • They hold the door for you

I really look forward to meeting all my new colleagues here i Leicester today!


Photo: Pixabay

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