It’s complex…

If I should cherry-pick one thing from these two last days here in Leicester at the QQI module, it would be how complex the healthcare system is. While I am writing this, I realize that complex for me, is practically similar to complicated and complicated gives me a real headache. Why did I come up with the idea to research in this complex system? What is the word for it? Is it naive? Is it foolhardy? Maybe that is wrong of me to see it like that? I’m not sure… maybe it is brave?

I’ve also learned about different levels and layers… which is of course part of the complexity. I haven’t yet figured out how to see through those layers and how to ensemble them into a wholeness. Or, actually I do understand that the models that we’ve been through is a way of explaining the complex system and that they can give us a structure to hold on to when we try to untangle whats hidden underneath.

I will try to focus on the process of gaining knowledge about how to master this complexity. IF, it is even possible to master “it”.


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