Pass it on

And then suddenly it happens... One colleague asks about how to use digital quizzes in the classroom... Kaboom! I´m pleased and beyond happiness. I gladly share the knowledge and experiences that I have with my colleague. So I thought, why not share it here too?! Here´s how I do it... When lecturing nursing students in... Continue Reading →

In love…!

I don´t know if it is the excitement of spring or something else but the feeling I have is pure, present and real. It is official now - I am in love! In love with Coggle! Its usability goes beyond my wildest dreams of what a free mind map tool could be like. It is: User-friendly Aesthetic Collaborative Accessible... Continue Reading →

Dead easy

So we made it! Group 7´s digital meet this evening was nearly crowded. After trying Adobe connect twice we decided to test Skype and if you ask me it was a small success. Finally we could hear Jennifer's lovely voice (no longer Darth Waderish) and see Nour´s beautiful face. I can´t  help comparing us adults competence... Continue Reading →

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