Safe bubbles

Yesterday I experienced an adventure. For the first time ever, I had a 5 minutes long presentation in English, at the international conference EDEN. I was invited by Alastair Creelman, who hosted the workshop Collaborative literacy in staff development, to talk about my experiences of being a participant at the ONL course. This is what I... Continue Reading →

Self-paced learning

What I should be doing isn´t what I am doing right now. I´m supposed to correct and modify my scheme for next semester. Other things on my ToDo list are, Register participants from CPR-training Construct a new website Fill the new website with useful content Making videos (several) of safe management of central venous catheters Edit a video... Continue Reading →

All good things (must) come to an end

First of all I would like to praise Cambridge Dictionaries Online and Google translate for an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Second, I would like to embrace all my group members for being such good friends throughout the whole course period and for making me feel comfortable and safe trying to speak and write in English. In ten fantastic... Continue Reading →

Not so digital

OK, so encouraged by my facilitator Mr Creelman and wonderful group member Nour I would like to share a story and an idea for badges with you. It is not digital, it is simple, it is cheap (in a good way) and most of all it works. A friend of mine is a nurse and works... Continue Reading →

Level up

Twice a year I am teaching nursing student about how to administrate and handle central venous catheters. One of the learning outcomes is that the students are expected to reflect over risks and how to avoid them. As a motivation factor I will try to add some gamification elements for next term. I have designed different... Continue Reading →


The big question - Have the students reached the learning outcomes? When reading about the model "The 7Cs of Learning Design" I fell for the design of the "Consider" activity. At first I was stucked in the thought of reflection but pretty soon I saw something else - feedback! It is well known that feedback... Continue Reading →

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

Like the three musketeers - one for all, all for one - we teachers can choose to stand together united and strong. I´m thinking of openness and sharing. What if we could share and how do we do it? We have discussed this in my PBL group at the ONL161 course. Our prominent facilitator Alastair Creelman... Continue Reading →


Right at the beginning, when I investigated more about open educational practices I came to think of an amoeba. A small and primitive microscopic organism who is single-celled. However the simplicity in this little unicellular organism which may alter its shape as required amaze me due to its flexible and adaptable nature. Weller and Anderson (2013) is writing... Continue Reading →

Two-edged sword

This week I´ve decided to write about my own experiences of flexible learning. Since I´m new at work as a lecture at Malmö University most of my preferences are from the students point of view. I guess I am a typical non-traditional student (Jones & Walters, 2015). I work full-time, I´m a daughter, a wife... Continue Reading →


In our PBL group, we have discussed about collaboration and if there are any differences between collaboration in digital environments and collaboration face-to-face. The only actual thing that differ is the lost of body languages in some digital environments. Apart from that I can´t come up with much... or maybe also the thing with asynchronous communication.... Continue Reading →

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