Quality Improvement in Colonoscopy: A view from Sweden

I actually did it, I went to England and I took a course at the Uni. Not to mention how lucky I was who made it before none of us even knew what Covid-19 was. I wrote a blogpost for a research group I met, SAPPHIRE and here it is.

My one weakness

I enjoy to watch British TV series and recently the Swedish television broadcasted Lark Rise and just like Miss Lane I have "my one weakness". Without making too much of a fuss, I have chosen to focus this post on my biggest challenges with my academic studies and, that is my critical thinking and academic writing. Even though I've taken lots and... Continue Reading →

It’s complex…

If I should cherry-pick one thing from these two last days here in Leicester at the QQI module, it would be how complex the healthcare system is. While I am writing this, I realize that complex for me, is practically similar to complicated and complicated gives me a real headache. Why did I come up with... Continue Reading →

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